Is Medifast a Bad Diet? Is it Bad For You Or Dangerous?

Sometimes, I get emails from folks wanting to know if Medifast is “bad.” I often ask them what they mean by this. Is the someone request if the food is bad? Do they wonder if the diet is unsafe, risky or bad for you? Do they fear that the diet is ineffective? I’ll try to address all of these concerns, based on my own caress and research, in the following article.

Is Medifast Unsafe Or Bad For You?: I can understand why population might think this. The diet often yields relatively fast and pretty dramatic results so some population may assume that you’re not getting sufficient to eat or are starving yourself but this just isn’t the case. This weight loss plan was developed by doctors and has been repeatedly tested and studied at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of group Health.

Most Effective Diet

It is a low calorie and low carb diet, but it’s not overly restrictive. You’re taking in over 1200 calories per day, you’re eating every few hours, and you’re preparing one very large, very fresh meal each day in addition to the diet’s five other meals that you consume daily. All of the foods are fortified with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals and as I said, you’re eating fresh foods as well.

Is Medifast a Bad Diet? Is it Bad For You Or Dangerous?

I have to tell you, my blood work before and after I started the diet show results on the positive side. My cholesterol is down. My blood pressure and blood sugar are within normal limits. For me, this diet hasn’t hurt my health, it seems to have improved it. Of policy I use good judgment in production sure that I don’t skip meals and production sure that I get my “lean and green” each day, but now that I’m used to it, I’m rarely as hungry as I feared.

Does The Medifast Food Taste Bad?: Much of it doesn’t. The shakes are quite good and the oatmeal and chili are standouts too. I will admit that I’m not overly fond of the stew, but I try to focus on enhancing and changing up the foods that I like. I make burritos using the chili. I make wraps with the eggs. I make muffins or cup cakes using the oatmeal as my base and I use fat free whipped cream and sugar free syrups in my shakes.

For the most part, the food taste great than what I expected. There’s no real chalky flavors or weird textures or funky aftertastes. It is diet food after all, but it’s very doable. And I quickly got used to it. You also have a lot of control over your “lean and green” so you can personalize this to your likes and dislikes.

Is Medifast Ineffective?: This is only my opinion, but I’d have to rejoinder this with a resounding no. In fact, for most population that I chronicle with, it’s been very effective. Many population lose as much as 2 – 5 pounds per week. Every week isn’t a winner, but many are. This diet changes the way that you look at and chronicle to food, at least in my view. You learn to shop for and put in order “safe” meals with your lean and green. And, before you know it, you’ve changed your attitude and life style. And at under per day with coupons (for five meals daily) this is not an costly plan at all. I precisely think that Medifast is a good diet, not a bad one.

Is Medifast a Bad Diet? Is it Bad For You Or Dangerous?

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